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I need to make this super compelling

Welcome, congratulations, it’s an exciting time to be you. I’m excited for you.

“Resilience is the virtue that enables people to move through hardship and become better.”

Eric Greitens, resilience. 

Combination of: 

Physical Vitality

Emotional stability 

Mental toughness 

Relational trust (not about huge networks. It’s about being able to know with confidence that an individual is there for you)

Spiritual depth

The ability to get back on track when facing a setback. 

Not bashing though and taking all the hits that life has to give. 

It’s dodging the unimportant blows and saving energy and being kind to yourself so that you save energy for the fights that really matter. – could be a full week. Dodging the unimportant, protecting energy, energy recovery, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and battle selection.

Resilience gives us permission to not be perfect. It gives us the freedom to know that we can mess up, which means we will hurt, which means we will strengthen

I am not here to teach you anything that your spirit doesn’t already know

You’re not a great climber great because you’re not willing to take a fall. You’re not willing to fall because you associate too much pain with failure. You’re not great at sales because you’re not willing to take a fall. You don’t have the body you want because you’re not willing to fail. You don’t have the connected relationships, the bank balance, the sense of joy and fulfillment, the spiritual centeredness because your ego is too big to allow yourself to take a wipe out.

It is in the failure that we learn. You know that. That should not come as a surprise. There’s Nothing new there. It’s in resilience that you come back from failure.

We all have places where we encounter fear. We all struggle, suffer, get overwhelmed, face burnout, and feel trapped, like there’s no way forward. I can show you how to get back on the climb. It’s in these very moments that you can forge wisdom, deepen friendships, find purpose and meaningful love. Those things are won only with a fight. This course is about how to climb and keep climbing. Cutting edge positive psychology brought to you in tasty morsels of 10 minutes edutainment. This content is accessible and actionable let’s climb some mountains together.

This is sustained motivation that lasts through the difficult times. It’s where you can uncover the life’s diamonds in the midst of chaos and crisis. If you’re exhausted, facing burnout, and have no energy or motivation, this is the most valuable set of principles you will ever encounter.

I don’t have any new secret. These are not new groundbreaking techniques. All of the latest neuroscience and positive psychology is simply supporting things that Aristotle and Epictetus and Socrates already said. Instead, I studied and underwent the work myself. I read the philosophers and the scientists and the gurus and went to the therapists and psychologists and did the work.

Now I’m here to pass back a light and say “hey, check out that I’ve found up this way.”

“How can you focus your mind, control your stress, and excel under pressure? How do you work through fear and build courage? How do you overcome and defeat and rise above obstacles? How do you adapt to adversity?” – greitens, Resilience

These are the questions that define us as humans and shape our entire existence. I take this guidance with grave importance and it’s my honor to help you. Thank you for trusting me. Together, let’s climb.

WHAT do you want from YOUR life?

What do YOU want from your life?

What do you want from YOUR LIFE?

What do you want from your body, your mind, your relationships, your finances, your emotions, your purpose, your spirit?

Everything you dream of lies on the other side of struggle. You cannot gain your ideal body, your wisdom, your close connections, your wealth, your settled sense of joy, your true north, your enlightenment. None of it comes without resilience.

I am not a summiter. I am a climber. It is the act of climbing that I love. It’s the struggle of each step, the smell of the rope, the cold head of an ice axe in my gloved hand, the crunch and squeak of the snow under my crampons. I spent 11 minutes at the summit of Everest and 2 months climbing it. The summit is as arbitrary as anything we humans do, including gaining wealth, reputation and power. None of it really matters when we die. What does matter is how we climb and who we become as a result of the struggle.

Personal story:

Climbed the tallest mountain on every continent. People died. This affected my mindset. When around me, people die. When I’d love people, I’d leave them. Build businesses just big enough to cover the bills, then I’d subconsciously sabotage them. While the details of my story are specific to me,

loss, fear, search for purpose is universal to each of us. You included.

I’ve lost friends. I’ve failed dozens of times to be the leader, friend, partner, son, uncle, and brother that I know I’m capable of being. I’ve dropped the ball on business partners and checked out on those around me, with edibles and alcohol.

I read every resilience and trauma recovery book I could get my hands on

I went to EMDR therapy

Completely quit alcohol

I wanted to walk around with a sense of meaning, of purpose, with my head held high. I found myself not able to get out of bed. Drinking too much, too often, and diagnosed with a disorder while living out of a truck. I went from the top of the world to absolute rock bottom.

I believe you’re here for a reason. My selfish purpose is to, for a short time, help point out the path at this juncture of your life. In the himalaya, I was blessed by the Geisha Llama. He gave this prayer for my journey up My Everest. He pointed us on our way and it was a moment of strength.

That’s who I aspire to be for you today. You’re capable of more than you give yourself credit for and you’re able to take your frustrations, your struggles, your feelings of burnout, and turn them into the fuel that grows your wisdom, your strength, your joy, sense of connection, your very spirit. That is my promise.

The idea here is that you make these ideas yours. You should own these concepts. My goal is to give you, actionable, life-changing techniques to become more resilience. Doing them is up to you. So print off the PDFs. Comment on these lessons. You have a private “notes” section on every lesson that will save in your private profile.

This stuff is about how to live better. So take these concepts and act on them. Do something different. You will know what’s for you when it speaks to you. In those moments of, oh yeah, that definitely is me. Commit that in those moments, you will choose action.

Seed the certificate. Motivate them to finish the course

Talk about notes

Offer to get success stories